24 Nov 2020

講演会のお知らせ 2020年12月3日(木) Venus and Adonis (and other Popular Things Shakespearean)

英文学会では、 英国ヨーク大学上級講師Sarah Olive 氏を講師としてオンライン講演会を開催します。 多くのみなさまのご参加をお待ちしています。

日 時: 2020年12月3日(木) 18:30~20:00
場 所:オンライン(こちらのPDFファイル内のリンクからご登録ください)
講 演 者 :Sarah Olive 氏(英国ヨーク大学上級講師)
タ イ ト ル:Venus and Adonis (and other Popular Things Shakespearean)


Sarah Olive’s current and widely published research focuses on Shakespeare in popular culture, particularly in television and social media, as well as Shakespeare in education in East and Southeast Asia. These interests extend her previous work on Shakespeare in UK policy and pedagogy, which she examined in Shakespeare Valued: Education policy and pedagogy, 1989-2009.

Dr. Olive’s talk explores the re-making of Venus and Adonis, a classical story of tragic lovers, to appeal to new generations. One may find out how Shakespeare updated his Roman sources to appeal to his Elizabethan readers, when London was in lockdown due to plague (does that sound familiar in 2020?). This talk includes drawing out the story’s humour and comedy, despite its tragic plot. Secondly, this talk considers how readers in the twenty-first century can use a 400 year old poem to talk about topics that fascinate us. These topics include #metoo campaigns against sexual harassment, women’s bodies in the media, and globalisation.

Professor Olive was born in the UK and moved to Australia as a teenager. She majored in English at the University of Adelaide, before completing a PhD in Education at the University of Cambridge. She was then awarded an AHRC-funded PhD studentship on the cultural value of Shakespeare at the Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham. She continues her affiliation there as a Visiting Lecturer.