05 Dec 2019

Macbeth by Black Stripe Theater


英文学会では劇団 Black Stripe Theater をお招きし、上演会を開催します。



タイトル: Macbeth

劇団名: Black Stripe Theater

日  時: 12月5日(木) 第3限 (13:20-14:50)、第4限 (15:05-16:35)

場  所: 3 限 17309 教室 / 4 限 17610 教室 本多記念館




From April BST will present William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, a tragic tale of ambition, tyranny, madness and guilt. Written in 1605, ‘The Scottish tragedy’ is short, thrilling and charged with super- naturals, and probably Shakespeare’s most modern and accessible play. Our version is reduced to 60 minutes and has four actors share nearly 20 roles.

After each show there is the chance for students to talk to the performers and ask them questions about production, the roles they play, and the life of the actor. In the workshop for Macbeth, students explore a famous monologue from the play and gain insight into meter, meaning and motivation.


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