Joseph V. Dias

  • ProfessorIntercultural Communication, TESOL

Contact Info:

Joseph V. Dias, originally from San Jose, California, is currently the co-coordinator of the Integrated English (IE) Program and a member of the Communications Unit of the English Department. He is responsible for seminars and lectures on Intercultural Communication, food culture, and the application of critical thinking to Web sources. His research interests include computer-assisted language learning, intercultural collaborative exchanges, and autonomy in language learning.

Currently a reviewer for the JALTCALL Journal and the program chair of the Lifelong Language Learning SIG of JALT, he has published articles that appeared in the following TESOL texts:

Dias, J.V., & Kikuchi, K. (2010). Designing listening tasks: Lessons learned from needs analysis studies. In Teaching Listening: Voices From the Field (N. Ashcraft and A. Tran, Eds.). Alexandria, VA: TESOL, pp. 9-31.

Dias, J.V. (2009). A Web of Controversy: Bringing Critical Thinking Skills Online. In Adult language learners: Context and innovation (G. Strong and A. Smith, Eds.). Alexandria, VA: TESOL, pp. 97-105.

More recently, he worked with Professor Onodera on the book Periphery: Where Pragmatic Meaning is Negotiated:

Dias, J. V. (2017). Sort/kind of at the peripheries: Metapragmatic play and complex interactional/ textual effects in scripted dialog. In N. Onodera (Ed.), Periphery: Where Pragmatic Meaning is Negotiated [Hatsuwa no Hajime to Owari: Goyoron teki Choosetsu no Nasareru Basho] (pp. 187-219). Tokyo: Hituzi Syobo.

Research Interests

Computer-assisted language learning
intercultural communication
intercultural collaborative exchanges
autonomy in language learning