20 Oct 2021

講演会のお知らせ 2021年11月18日(木) Box Office Bears (Bearbaiting in Shakespeare’s London)

青山学院大学英文学会では、英国の芸術人文科学研究評議会(AHRC)助成プロジェクト“Box Office Bears”の主要研究員であるAndy Kesson氏を講師としてオンライン講演会を開催いたします。

日 時: 2021年11月18日(木) 19:00~20:30
場 所:オンライン(こちらのPDFファイル内のリンクからご登録ください)
講 演 者 :Andy Kesson 氏(英国ローハンプトン大学準教授)
タ イ ト ル:Box Office Bears


Andy Kesson of Roehampton University is Principal Investigator for Box Office Bears, a project that consists of archeologists, geneticists, literature, and performance scholars working together to unravel the workings of bearbaiting or ‘the Game’ (as it was called). This project is funded by a substantial grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) in the U.K.

Andy will also introduce and explain the mission of A Bit Lit, a podcast that he hosts that celebrates research and creativity of all kinds.

Andy’s specialty is in Shakespeare and early modern drama. His research in recent years has focused on the understudied efforts of Elizabethan dramatists and writers who preceded Shakespeare and also on the influences of broader Elizabethan cultural trends on theatre performance during that period.